Sink your teeth in!

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Welcome to our healthy, spirited and adventurous lifestyle blog! Patricia-I-on-Fridge11

This is our personal blog of inspiring information related to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle! This miscellany of topics might include recipes, cooking, wellness, fitness, diet, detox, parenting and family fun, positive living and all sorts of random adventure – and maybe even some quinoa along the way.

For years our publishing partners have asked us to do a blog. But we refused to write just another recipe post. After all, that’s not what we’re all about… We love looking at the traditional North American diet from a different perspective. How can we eat what we enjoy and eat what we’re used to, but also add some nutrition using accessible ingredients without over-complicating things or losing what we love most about the recipe? This has always been the challenge that we love. This is our passion. It’s what fuels us.

Sometimes we Quinoa Queens also double as questers… mystery solvers of the culinary sort. (Think Nancy Drew armed with a soup ladle… or a very large rolling pin… yes, we can get a little crazy.)

“We think about how things like current events, social trends, marketing and even fashion — influence what we eat.”

We often receive questions from readers and home cooks seeking clarification of contradicting expert opinions and food-related questions. We find answers through our own research, industry friends, growers, farmers and scientists. We will fearlessly try to answer almost anything… well, maybe we can’t answer everything… like the meaning behind the 70s hit-song Popcorn (one of Patricia’s many obscure curiosities.) Although we absolutely love this must-see version done by the Swedish Chef!

Swedish Chef Makes Popcorn Shrimp

Swedish Chef Makes Popcorn Shrimp








So here we are, looking for adventure and to help solve some of the misinformation of modern living. We will try and answer questions about anything from food fads to good fats, which oils to cook with, carbohydrate confusion, how to grow sprouts and microgreens, foraging, eating well despite the increasing cost of food, what salts to use, should you drink coffee or not, the truth about gluten and grains, why use cane sugar, what is palm sugar, why care about fair trade, should you become vegetarian, gluten-free or Paleo, and is coconut oil or kale really all they’re cracked up to be… ok, now we’re out of breath. Send us your questions anytime at

So… savor, be inspired, stay awhile and sink your teeth in.

Enjoy our recipes!

Patricia & Carolyn

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