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Top 10 Health Tips for 2017

Here are our favorite, powerful recommendations for healthy living in 2017. These quick hits are fairly inexpensive and easy to incorporate into busy schedules. Make sure you always consult with your health care provider before making changes to your diet or starting a new regime. Want more? Let us know and we’ll try and include […]

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I have an expensive addiction

I have an expensive addiction. Grapefruit. Yes grapefruit. At two dollars per piece it quickly gets expensive if I’m eating more than one a day. And it’s not the only expensive produce I’m eating these days. Apples are almost a dollar each. I did recently get a deal on a 10-pound bag of beets at […]

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Quinoa Lasagna

Use your favorite tomato sauce in this layered dish of vegetables, quinoa, cheese and herbs. This lasagna is packed full of flavor that is reminiscent of comfort food without being too heavy. You’ll still have plenty of room for dessert.

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