The Quinoa Sisters

The Quinoa SistersNamed, “Quinoa Sisters” by the media, the name has stuck! We’re known for helping to start the quinoa craze in North America with the bestselling book Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood. BUT we do a whole lot more than just quinoa!

We spend our time searching for the best ways to maximize nutrition, increase energy, and to improve overall health and physical fitness.

This is what led sisters Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming to write cookbooks. Having everything healthy and home made as children, from bread to cookies and yogurt, and the occasional store-bought seaweed chips, their mother taught them strictly to live by the ‘food is medicine’ principle. Today, Carolyn and Patricia are busy balancing family, career and fitness goals. Both avidly explore the use of superfoods and new meal ideas.

“We aim to show people how to bridge the gap from the traditional North American diet to healthier eating habits. Our recipe model is to create tasty recipes that are uncomplicated and simple, for any level of cook.”

Passion is everything! We believe that you have to love what you do. We also believe that you have to be aware of and connected to where your foods are coming from. Patricia travelled to Bolivia in 2011 to meet quinoa growing families first hand. She visited the working families, quinoa processing operations and the growing fields.

Bolivia Trip - Field  Patricia with Quinoa

Bolivia Trip - Field Patricia with Quinoa

Super people and super companies…

We are proud to know Andean Naturals! Their brand of Royal Quinoa comes from a specific area of Bolivia and their heirloom quinoa seeds are organically farmed by small family growers and is all fairly traded. We love these folks!

Alter Eco Foods is a remarkable company we are also very proud to know! Their products are exactly as they say, “socially just, environmentally responsible and reliably delicious!”

We also love all our friends at Bob’s Red Mill! They are truly great people behind great products.

And last but not least, the amazing scientists (and sisters in quinoa) we work with are Laurie Scanlin, PhD and Claire Burnett, MS of Keen Ingredients Inc. We are very fortunate to have these fabulous quinoa industry friends!