Why Eat Quinoa?

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Why Eat Quinoa?
What makes quinoa a superior food choice? What was once considered an alternative crop or a niche food, quinoa is now becoming increasingly common in North America.

High Protein, Maximum Nutrition… Quinoa has more recently garnered interest from the health-conscious crowd looking for maximum nutrition and those on high protein diets, seeking weight loss or those just wanting to eat better quality foods. Quinoa can promote weight loss, building muscle, alleviate migraine headaches, help diabetes, promote cardiovascular health and prevent hardening of the arteries. It has also been linked to helping prevent breast cancer, childhood asthma, gallstones and acts as a super antioxidant.

Balanced and Unique… A balanced protein, quinoa has a complete combination of all life supporting nutrients, containing all eight essential amino acids. This balance makes it highly digestible and completely unique in the plant kingdom.

Vitamin Rich… Not only high in protein, quinoa is high in fiber, and vitamins such as riboflavin, calcium, vitamin E, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, folic acid and beta carotene. It is also abundant in linolenic acid, the essential fatty acid that has proven to benefit the immune response.

Great for babies and children… Quinoa is high in histadine, the amino acid that is essential to human growth and development.

No GMO… Quinoa is nutritionally complex and not genetically modified! Great for detox… Prebiotic nutrients in quinoa help feed the probiotic (good) bacteria in your intestine!

Gluten-Free… Quinoa is familiar to vegetarians as a protein source and to many whom are gluten-intolerant because it is completely gluten-free.

Intriguing & Unusual… the wow-factor of quinoa has encouraged cooks at all skill levels to use it to create unique dishes for themselves, their families and intrigued dinner party guests.

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