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Looking for the best Nutrisystem alternatives? Well, Nutrisytem is a great diet, and has worked great for millions of customers over the year. That doesn’t mean it’s always the right choice for everyone, though.

There are a number of reasons that you may be looking for a Nutrisystem alternative, including things like menu, price, and how the diet works.

In this article we’re going to take a look at three for the best alternatives to Nutrisystem:

Top 3 Nutrisystem Competitors

  • South Beach Diet
  • Jenny Craig
  • Noom

We based these selection on a number of different criteria. South Beach Diet and Jenny Craig are both diet delivery programs, so if you’re looking to have your meals delivered, but want something different than Nutrisystem, put these two on your list.

Noom is a coaching app, that teaches you how to make healthy choices with your eating and exercise habits. They also pair you with a diet coach, who you’ll work one-on-one with while you’re trying to lose weight. Jenny Craig also offers coaching.

With these things in mind, let’s take a look at all three of these diets more closely, so you can find the perfect program for you.

South Beach Diet: Most Like Nutrisystem

jessie james decker shows off her South Beach Diet weight loss results

South Beach Diet (see our testimonial) offers many of the same features that Nutrisystem, but it has a totally different menu. Think of South Beach Diet of being more internationally inspired, while Nutrisystem has more American-style foods.

How it Works

Beyond that, they work in a very similar way:

a diagram explaining how the diet works

  • Diet Delivery: Meals, Snacks, Shakes
  • 6 Meals per Day Provided by South Beach Diet
  • Exercise Encouraged for Best Results: About 30 Minutes per Day
  • Comes with Free South Beach Diet App
  • Low-Carb Menu, Keto-Friendly Options
  • Weekly DIY Meals: Eat at a Restaurant or Make Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner at Home
  • Follow the 3 Phases
  • Most Lose about 1 to 2 LBS per Week

Menu Differences

The biggest difference between Nutrisystem and South Beach? It’s probably the menu. Think of Nutrisystem’s as more of an American-style menu.

If you sign up with Nutrisystem, you’ll be eating plenty of pasta, pizzas, burgers.

South Beach Diet, on the other hand, has a bit more of an international flare. Their menu features stuffed chicken breasts, chicken roma, and garlic-ginger beef and broccoli.

Personally, I prefer South Beach Diet’s menu over Nutrisystem’s, but I have a tendency to like Asian-style food, which may be the reason for that.

Average Weight Loss

a diagram explaining South Beach Diet weight loss averages

While weight loss results will probably be different for everyone, expect to lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time during Phase 1 of the diet.

This takes place during the first 7 days, and South Beach Diet says customers can lose up to 7 pounds during this first phase.

For the rest of the diet, average weight loss is around 1 to 2 pounds a week.

How to Join

Joining the South Beach Diet program simply involves going to their website. Learn more below:

Jenny Craig: Meal Delivery + Coaching

a Jenny Craig consultant with her client

If you’re looking for diet delivery, but also want some serious one-to-one coaching, then Jenny Craig (read our review) is your choice.

It’s a lot like Nutrisystem in many ways, but with the addition of your own personal Jenny Craig Consultant.

The extra support a diet coach can bring is often what people need to help give them an edge in losing weight, and even keeping it off permanently.

Here’s how it works:

How it Works

how the Rapid Results diet works

  • 6 Meals per Day: Eat Evern 2 to 3 Hours
  • Mostly Eat Jenny Craig Food for All Your Meals
  • Some Grocery Shopping, Mainly for Vegetables and Fruit
  • Weekly Sessions with Your Jenny Craig Coach
  • Option of Going to Jenny Craig Centers for Meetings and to Purchase Food
  • Pick from 100+ Menu Items

Biggest Difference When Compared to Nutrisystem?

Personal coaching, and because of that, also the price.

Coaching makes Jenny Craig different from Nutrisystem, but also makes it more expensive. When you join Jenny Craig expect to pay about $20 per day, while Nutrisystem’s price starts at something closer to about $9.00 per day.

If meal delivery with coaching is what you’re looking for, then Jenny Craig is your choice. If the cheapest meal delivery program is what you’re after, and coaching doesn’t matter as much, then Nutrisystem or South Beach Diet are probably the better fit.

How to Join

Visiting JennyCraig.com is the easiest way to get started. They just started a new program called Rapid Results, and with the release of that, they have some pretty good deals currently being offered.

Check latest Jenny Craig Deals here.

Noom: Totally Different Than Nutrisystem

The Noom Coach app logo

You want to lose weight, but are looking for a diet that’s completely different than Nutrisytem. Let us introduce you to Noom (get the full Noom details here). It’s a weight loss coaching app, that is probably one of the most popular diets going right now.

It doesn’t include any meal delivery, so if that’s not something you’re looking for, then Noom may just be the perfect fit.

In the most basic sense, Noom is an app that connects you with everything you need to lose weight, and improve your health.

Here’s how:

How it Works

  • App-Based Weight Loss Program
  • Work with a Coach One-on-One
  • Built Around Your Individual Goals and Needs
  • Join Your Own Noom Group – This Will Become Your Weight Loss Community
  • Teaches You Healthy Habits – Including How & What to Eat, Plus Exercise
  • Access the Noom Food List & Recipe Database
  • More About Making Improvements to Your Health vs. Just Weight Loss

Biggest Difference When Compared to Nutrisystem?

how noom works on the app

We detailed this above, but in the most basic sense, Nutrisystem is a diet delivery program, and Noom is not. You also get to work one-on-one with a Noom Coach, which is bit more personal than what Nutrisystem offers.

Nutrisystem does provide access to dietitians and weight loss experts, though, so there is some level of support and coaching involved with their service as well.

If you want to cook most of your own meals vs. eating frozen diet food, then Noom may be the better option for you.

How to Join

Head to Noom.com to get started. The first thing you’ll want to do is to fill out your free diet profile, which helps them build a plan just for you. It also gives you a pretty clear idea of how long it’s going to take you reach your weight loss goal.

They’re currently offering a 2-week free trial if you want to test the program out and see if it’s right for you.

Get the Noom free trial and your free diet profile here.

And The Winner is?

All of the diets we’ve listed above are great places to start if you’re looking for a solid alternative to Nutrisytem. That said, if we had to go with just one, it’d be…

South Beach Diet.

It’s still very affordable, helps people lose a lot of weight, and even has options to help you transition off of their diet.

If you’d like to learn more, right now is a really good time to join.

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