Nutrisystem Cost: How Much per Month in 2019?

cost to join nutrisystem by day week and month

Nutrisystem is probably the most popular meal delivery diet in the world, but what’s it going to cost you to sign up?

In this Nutrisystem pricing report, we’ll show you exactly what men and women can expect to pay for this diet program, including giving you a breakdown by day, week, month, and even what it cost you to join for a full year!

What’s the Price of Nutrisystem in 2019?

When you sign up for Nutrisystem you can expect to pay between $10.18 and $15.36 per day when you enroll in their auto-delivery program. That comes out to be between $284.99 and $429.99 per month.

Prices will vary, depending on which plan you choose, and whether you sign up for the women’s or men’s program.

How to Get Discounted Nutrisystem Prices

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The prices listed above, straight from the Nutrisystem website, and are what you can expect to pay without any additional discounts applied.

We have some good news, though!

The team at Patricia& has worked with the awesome folks at Nutrisystem to bring you some awesome cost savings as part of the Nutrisystem review we did, and we’re happy to share them with our readers!

With our discount link here’s what you will pay for the new Nutrisystem Fresh Start program:

Discounted Daily Prices:

  • Starts at Just $9.40 per Day for Women
  • Starts at Just $10.71 per Day for Men

Discounted Monthly Prices:

  • Starts at Just $263.07 per Month for Women
  • Starts at Just $299.99 per Month for Men

As you can see, this is a pretty huge price drop from their regular auto-delivery prices!

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Nutrisystem Fresh Start Plans

the new nutrisystem freshstart box

When it comes time to join Nutrisytem, the first thing you will want to do is to pick out the best plan for your dietary needs and budget.

Luckily, they have several awesome plans to choose from, and pretty much have an option for everyone, even vegetarians.

Here are the main Nutrisystem plans:

  • Basic
  • Core
  • Uniquely Yours
  • Uniquely Yours Plus
  • Vegetarian
  • Diabetes (Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours)

Below, we’ll give pricing details for each of these plans, including what you get for the price as well.


PRICE: Starts at Just $10.18 per Day (Get it for $9.40 HERE)

basic plan

Basic is Nutrisytem’s most affordable plan, but it is still a super effective weight loss program. In fact, it works the exact same as their more expensive plans, you just don’t have as much menu variety, or access to their frozen foods (which are definitely worth it if you can afford them).

Here’s what comes with the Basic plan:

What’s Included

  • Kit with Pre-Selected Foods
  • Easy to Follow Weight Loss Plan
  • Get Free Shipping with Auto-Delivery

Here are some more pricing details for the Basic plan, WITHOUT our discount applied:

Price by Day

  • $10.18 for Women
  • $11.61 for Men

Price by Week

  • $71.26 for Women
  • $81.27 for Men

Price by Month

  • $284.99 for Women
  • $324.99 for Men


PRICE: Starts at Just $11.07 per Day (Get it for $10.22 HERE)

core plan

Core has long been Nutrisystem’s most popular diet plan, and is a great choice if you’re looking for a bit more freedom with your menu, but still want to keep your costs down.

Here’s what you get:

What’s Included

  • A 4 Week Plan That’s Very Easy to Follow
  • A Bigger Menu: More than 100 Meals and Snacks to Pick From
  • FREE Shipping

The biggest difference between Basic and Core, besides the price? Menu variety. You’ll get more food to pick from on the Core plan, so if you’re going to be on Nutrisystem for more than a month, you may want to have access to the larger menu.

Here’s what it costs with the discount:

Price by Day

  • $11.07 for Women
  • $12.50 for Men

Price by Week

  • $77.49 for Women
  • $87.50 for Men

Price by Month

  • $309.99 for Women
  • $349.99 for Men

Uniquely Yours

PRICE: Normally Starts at Just $12.50 a Day (Get it for $11.54 HERE)

uniquely yours

For a long time, Uniquely Yours was the best plan Nutrisystem offered. It’s still one of the best, but they recently launched Uniquely Yours Plus to take things up a notch. More info about that below, but here’s what you get with Uniquely Yours:

What’s Included

  • Everything in Core & Basic: Easy to Follow, Convenient Weight Loss Plan
  • Their Biggest Menu and Best Variety: More than 160 Menu Items to Pick From!
  • Nutrisytem Frozen Food Menu: Their Premium Foods

Uniquely Yours gives you everything that Core and Basic Includes, but you get an even bigger and better menu to pick from. This includes Nutrisystem’s frozen food menu, which is considered to be the best food they have to offer.

If you’re looking for their best-tasting meals, desserts, and snacks, then Uniquely Yours is worth the extra few dollars if you can afford it.

Here’s what it costs without our discount applied:

Price by Day

  • $12.50 for Women
  • $13.93 for Women

Price by Week

  • $87.50 for Women
  • $97.51 for Men

Price by Month

  • $349.99 for Women
  • $389.99 for Men

Uniquely Yours Plus

PRICE: Normally Starts at Just $13.93 a Day (Get it for $12.86 HERE)

uniquely yours plus

Uniquely Yours Plus is the newest plan from Nutrisystem, and it’s the best plan they currently offer. If you’re looking for their top-of-the-line program, this is it.

Here’s what you get…

What’s Included

  • Everything in Uniquely Yours
  • 4 Weeks of Probiotic Shakes

Price by Day

  • $13.93 for Women
  • $15.36 for Women

Price by Week

  • $97.51 for Women
  • $107.52 for Men

Price by Month

  • $389.99 for Women
  • $429.99 for Men

Diabetes Plans

diabetes core plan

Nutrisystem also offers a program for type 2 or pre-diabetics. It currently comes in the following options:

  • Basic
  • Core
  • Uniquely Yours Plus

The pricing is the same the regular versions of all three of these programs, and they have options for both men and women.

Vegetarian Plan

vegetarian plan

If you don’t eat meat, Nutrisystem has you covered. Their vegetarian menu has more than 90 menu items, and the pricing is the same as the Uniquely Yours plan, so it starts at $12.50 per day for women, and $13.93 for men.

How Much is a Year of Nutrisystem?

While most people won’t have to be on Nutrisytem for a full year, it is a question that gets asked, so we wanted to answer it for you. The yearly price range, with our discount applied would start at about $3,156 per year for the Basic plan and goes up to about $5159.88 per year for the Uniquely Yours Plus men’s plan.

Is Joining Nutrisystem’s Auto-Delivery Worth it?

We would say YES, but that will ultimately be up to you. As long as you plan on staying on Nutrisystem for at least 2 months, then you definitely want to snag the auto-delivery discount. At last check, you could cancel your Nutrisystem subscription without a penalty, any time after your second order ships.

It saves you about 35% off their regular price, plus gets you FREE FedEx shipping, so we’d say those discounts are definitely worth it!

What About Grocery Costs?

While Nutrisystem does send you a 28 day supply of meals and snacks every month, you’re also encouraged to eat fresh vegetables and some fruit throughout the day.

how nutrisystem works

This can come in the form of a salad with dinner or lunch, or even some carrot slices as a snack.

You’ll also have the opportunity to eat some “flex” meals as well. These are healthy meals you make at home, or when you eat out at a restaurant.

If you’re looking to keep costs at a minimum, then we’d say you could cut these costs way down by avoiding eating at restaurants too much, or not at all if you want to save the most money.

If you buy things like bagged salad, that’s another way to minimize your grocery bill.

While there isn’t an exact number of what you’ll have to spend on groceries or other flex meals each  month, we’d recommend budgeting at least $100 per month to buying fresh produce. It may be less than this, or even more, but that seems to be a decent number to shoot for.

Nutrisystem Fresh Start Pricing Summary

In conclusion, Nutrisystem is a very affordable and easy-to-follow meal delivery diet program. We’ve outlined the costs above, but expect to pay between $10.18 to $15.36 per day when you join their diet program.

If you want to bring that already discounted daily price down even further, then be sure to use our link below to lock in a 40% discount!

Get Nutrisystem’s best prices here.

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