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nutrisystem for men reviews and pricing guide

Nutrisystem is one of the most popular meal delivery diets in the world, but does it work for men?


With Nutrisystem for Men, guys can sign up for a plan that is designed just for them, and get instant access to a plan that’s easy to follow, convenient, and can help them lose weight fast.

In this Nutrisystem for Men review, we’ll explain how the program works, how much weight guys can lose, what real reviewers are saying about the latest program, and where you can get the best deal.

If you’re looking for one of the best diets for guys, then you’ll want to keep reading to see why we love the new Nutrisystem menu for guys.

What We Love About Nutrisystem for Men

Look, there’s a ton to love about the new program for guys from Nutrisystem, so let’s get right to it. Here are just a few of the things that make this a top choice for men:

  1. It Works Great for Guys: This system has been tested and proven to work time and time again.
  2. Very Little Food Prep: If you hate cooking, or don’t like grocery shopping, then this may be the best program for you.
  3. Perfect for Busy Men: Get a month’s supply food shipped to you every month. Just eat it and lose weight. Does it get any easier?
  4. Lose Weight Fast: Guys can lose up to 18 pounds during their first 30 days on Nutrisystem.
  5. Plans You Can Actually Afford: The basic plan for men starts at just over $10 per day.

Nutrisystem is currently offering some pretty awesome deals for men, so you don’t want to miss out if you’ve been thinking about a new diet to try.

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How the Men’s Program Works

how nutrisystem for men works

Nutrisystem for Men is so easy to follow (read our full Nutrisystem review here), that you might be surprised. You pretty much just pick the plan that fits your lifestyle and budget, get the food, and follow the program.

Stick with it, and you should be on your way to losing weight.

Once you’ve signed on, here’s how the plan should unfold:

  • Week 1: Get a jumpstart on your weight loss with the new Fresh Start box. It’s a specially prepared selection of meals and snacks for your first week that help you lose weight and burn fat.
  • Week 2 and Moving Forward: You’ll keep eating Nutrisystem meals and snacks, with some fresh veggies, fruit, and flex meals thrown in. Eat 6 times per day, so you never feel starved or have huge crashes.
  • Food That’s Nutritionally Balanced: The perfect balance of nutrients to put your body into full fat-burning mode. Meals are high in protein, packed full of fiber, and are made to keep you feeling fuller longer.
  • Meals That Actually Taste Good: Burger, pizza, pasta, chicken sandwiches, and more of the food men love.
  • More Flexible Than Ever: Nutrisystem has flex meals built in every week, which means you can dine out at restaurants, or make healthy meals at home. Wondering what to make or order when dining out? Nutrisystem has guides for that!

Before and After Pics from Real Guys

Dean's before and after picture

Wondering what real men are saying about their Nutrisystem experience? There are plenty of reviews out there, and honestly, most of the feedback we’ve seen has been rock solid.

Here’s what a few guys had to say about Nutrisystem for Men:

Before the program I would never eat veggies—never. When I ate [Nutrisystem], I felt so good. Healthy foods gave me energy, and I couldn’t stand to look at junk food anymore. I’m a better husband, a better father, a better worker. I’m engaged with my family and with others. -Mike, Lost 55 Pounds

I love Nutrisystem because it works! I lost 21 pounds in 34 days. I really like all but 3 items I purchased, and I have purchased probably 30 different items, many of them more than once. The 3 I didn’t care for as much were just a matter of personal preference. Ordering is easy, and they have order specialists who are very helpful. I love the bars. They are chewy but dense, so you have to chew a lot, which I think is genius! That way you feel like you have really eaten something. -Dino, Lost 21 Pounds

Working great for me! Easy to manage online and with the Numi app. In 5 weeks I lost 40 Lbs and my blood sugar levels dropped and I am now off insulin. -Frank, Lost 40 Pounds

Pros & Cons

While we generally have a very positive view of the Nutrisystem diet program, there may be some potential cons guys will want to consider before joining.

With that in mind, we’ll take a quick look at both, to give you some more stuff to think about before joining.


  • Weight Loss Made Easy: Most guys don’t want a program that’s hard to follow or stick with. That’s where Nutrisystem is different from other diets out there. It’s finally a program that’s easy to follow, and actually works.
  • Fast Weight Loss: Guys can drop 18 pounds in their first month, which is pretty awesome!
  • Great-Tasting Food
  • Nutritionally Balanced Meals and Snacks
  • Learn how to make healthy eating choices on your own with Flex Meals
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Free Nutrisystem App
  • Weight Loss Counselors Available for Support, Questions, and More
  • Works Great for Couples
  • Plans for vegetarians and diabetics


  • Not all guys like meal delivery diets (if that’s you, you may want to check out Noom)
  • Doesn’t work for vegans
  • Pricing can be prohibitive for some
  • Early cancellation fee if you sign up for auto-delivery (recommended if you plan sticking with Nutrisystem for at least 2 months).

How Much Weight Can Guys Lose?

how much weight can guys lose

We’ve outlined a bit above, but here are some of the average weight loss numbers for men who follow the Nutrisystem diet correctly:

  • Month 1: Lose up to 18 lbs. and 8 inches
  • After Month 1: Most men can expect to lose an average of 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Review Wrap-Up: Where to Get the Best Deal

Think you’re ready to try Nutrisystem for Men?

The only place to get their full meal delivery service is at the official website, and right now we have an awesome discount to share with you.

As of today, you can lock in a 40% discount, get free bars and shakes, and free FedEx shipping when you sign up for auto-delivery.

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