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is south beach diet or atkins better

Being able to stay fit, lose weight, and continue to implement positive lifestyle changes can be difficult. It’s not easy to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t, but there is a certain allure to home delivery plans that cannot be found anywhere else.

More and more people are leaning towards signing up for home delivery plans due to the simplicity, quality, and structured approach to dieting.

In this industry, two options stand out when it comes to home delivery plans – South Beach Diet and the Atkins diet. This comparison is going to look at what these diet plans have to offer, what customers have to say, and which one is right for you.

South Beach Diet vs Atkins: How the Diets Work

1. South Beach Diet Overview

South Beach Diet overview

The South Beach Diet (read our review and pricing guide) was developed by Dr. Agatston as a way to optimize weight loss without compromising the body’s organs and natural inclinations. This is why he created a diet that was built around a multi-phased approach using lean proteins, low-glycemic-index carbs, and unsaturated fats.

The diet is split into three phases:

  • Phase 1

The first phase lasts for 2 weeks.

This is the most difficult phase of the diet and restricts individuals to specific foods. This means cutting down on high-carb foods, grains, and/or fruits. In most cases, people end up losing approximately 8-13 pounds during these two weeks.

  • Phase 2

This begins after the initial two weeks are done and can be continued for as long as necessary.

The average person tends to lose approximately 1-2 pounds per week during phase 2. This can vary depending on the person’s approach to the diet plan.

This phase tends to include specific fruits and good carbs.

  • Phase 3

This is the final phase once you have hit your desired weight through the diet.

This entails loosening the standards and eating a few treats and making the diet a part of your long-term lifestyle.

2. Atkins Diet Overview

overview of the Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is designed to go through a multi-phased program just like the South Beach Diet. In this case, there are four specific phases for members to follow.

  • Phase 1

This phase entails restricting all carbs in a person’s diet and only consuming 20 carbs/day. Any carbs that are consumed will come from veggies. These can include broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, and asparagus.

  • Phase 2

During this phase, it’s okay to start including specific proteins into the mix such as cheese, meat, eggs, and fish to name a few. Members are not expected to restrict oils, but most fruits, breads, pastas, alcohol, and nuts will have to be cut out.

It’s also expected for a person to maintain a minimum of 12-15 grams of carbs during this phase while drinking eight glasses of water.

This is done until the person loses at least 10 pounds of bodyweight.

  • Phase 3

This phase starts adding to a person’s diet plan including starchy vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. On average, a person can add 10 grams of carbs per week as long as they are losing weight successfully.

  • Phase 4

The final phase is about creating a long-term change through maintenance. This is activated when a person hits their goal weight.

See more about how Atkins works at their website.

Delivery Comarpison: Which Diet is the Better Home Delivery?

1. South Beach Diet Delivery Options

This is built on the idea of a “plan-based” diet, which means members subscribe to a plan and then gain access to specific features associated with those plans.

This can include the silver, gold, and platinum plan to name a few.

The premise of the South Beach Diet is to create a multi-phased diet that allows members to go through the different steps needed to shed weight. The plans focus on this aspect of the diet and make sure members gain access to the foods they need to succeed.

2. Atkins Diet Delivery Options

With the Atkins diet, the emphasis is on providing a structured, item-based delivery system. This means a bundle of items is selected by members during the initial phase and it is these items that are included in the diet plan.

The delivery is made promptly allowing members to go through with the structured diet as intended.

It’s important to note, the Atkins diet does limit people to those specific items, which can take away from the amount of variety that’s seen through the South Beach Diet.

When compared to each other, the South Beach Diet does an exceptional job of providing high-value foods without going through the same set of items. Due to this, members can sign up for a variety of foods and enjoy their meals to a greater extent.

It’s important to note, both do a good job with their delivery setup and are prompt when it comes to the actual deliveries.

Customer Ratings: Which Diet is More Highly Rated?

1. South Beach Diet Customer Feedback

  • Structured Diet Plan

There is a sense of structure in the multi-phased diet plan and that’s a major plus point for customers. It makes it easier to lose weight and not have to think about what you are eating.

  • Wonderful Selection of Foods

The food options are exceptional and provide enough flexibility for members to enjoy their time eating throughout the day.

Whether it is vegetables, fruits, and/or grains, there is always something for those who want to enjoy themselves and lose weight at the same time.

2. Atkins Diet Customer Feedback

  • Cutting-Edge Diet Plan

It starts with the cutting-edge diet plan and being able to go through each phase knowing the results will come.

The foods are excellent, easy to eat, and will be delivered straight to your front door providing exceptional value regularly.

  • Proven to Work

Customers continue to mention how safe the diet plan is and how organized it is from top to bottom. This attention to detail is what makes the Atkins diet an intriguing fit for the average person.

Members claim they are able to see consistent results as they go through each phase and never have to think twice about how effective the solution is. This is empowering and one of the reasons this diet does well.

Pricing Comparison: Which Diet is Cheaper?

1. South Beach Diet Pricing Options

  • One-Week Reboot Kit – $99.99
  • Silver Plan – $9.56/Day
  • Gold Plan – $10.88/Day
  • Platinum Plan – $11.87/Day
  • Diabetes Gold Plan – $10.88/Day

See current South Beach Diet prices.

2. Atkins Diet Pricing Options

  • Bestseller Value Bundle – $59.59 (5 Items)
  • Two-Week Starter Bundle – $69.97 (10 Items)
  • Bestseller Four-Week Bundle – $112.61 (16 Items)

Both programs offer a wide array of options for customers to choose from. It’s all about picking the right fit for your health-related goals and budget.

The charm of choosing between these programs has to do with the cost-efficiency.

See current Atkins prices.

Summary: Which Diet is Better?

Choosing a diet can be challenging especially when the options are as good as these two.

When it comes to picking between the South Beach Diet and Atkins diet, there is only one real winner and that’s the South Beach Diet. The reason it does well has to do with the overall package. You are getting a wide array of food options, a trusted community, and a world-class diet plan that’s in line with modern weight loss standards.

The attention to detail is what makes this such an exceptional program.

You are going to end up with a fine-tuned weight loss program that’s perfect for eating the right way. If the goal is to stay healthy and see valuable results than the South Beach Diet is the way to go.


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