Best Keto Meal Delivery: Top 8 for 2023

Best Keto Meal Delivery: Top 8 for 2023

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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: April 20, 2023

In recent years, the ketogenic diet, or simply ‘keto,’ has gained popularity as an effective way to lose weight, manage blood sugar levels, and improve overall health.

However, following a keto diet requires careful planning, preparation, and commitment. This is where keto meal delivery services come in.

These services provide nutritious, ready-to-eat meals, which adhere to the keto diet’s principles. To help you choose the best keto meal delivery service, we have compiled a list of top companies in the field.

Read on to learn more about each service, their offerings, and the key factors to consider when choosing a keto meal delivery plan.

What to Look for in the Best Keto Meal Delivery Programs

To find the best keto meal delivery program, consider the following factors:

  1. Meal variety
  2. Nutritional quality
  3. Customizability
  4. Price and value
  5. Delivery options and coverage

1. CookUnity

a keto dinner from CookUnity

CookUnity is a chef-driven diet meal delivery service that emphasizes high-quality ingredients and innovative meal options. They offer keto-friendly meals, designed in collaboration with nutritionists and chefs, providing a unique dining experience.

Menu Examples: Pesto Salmon with Zucchini Noodles, Spicy Thai Chicken Stir-fry, and Chipotle Lime Chicken with Cauliflower Rice.


  • High-quality, fresh ingredients
  • Chef-crafted meals
  • Customizable plans
  • Subscription flexibility


  • Limited delivery coverage
  • Higher price point

2. Diet to Go

diet to go Veal Sorrento with Ham

Diet to Go is a meal delivery service that offers pre-made meals, adhering to different dietary preferences, including keto. Their meals are chef-prepared and ready to heat, making them convenient for those with busy lifestyles.

Menu Examples: Herb Crusted Flounder, Eggplant Parmesan, and Pulled Pork with Broccoli Slaw.


  • Pre-made meals for convenience
  • Dietitian-designed meal plans
  • Flexible delivery options


  • Limited customization
  • Lack of international delivery options

3. Factor

factor meals Herb-Crusted Chicken

Factor is a meal delivery service focused on providing fresh, pre-made meals that cater to various dietary needs, including keto. They emphasize the use of organic and non-GMO ingredients, providing a healthy and environmentally-friendly option.

Menu Examples: Cajun Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles, Chicken Alfredo with Spaghetti Squash, and Greek Lemon Chicken with Cauliflower Rice.


  • Fresh, organic ingredients
  • Pre-made meals for convenience
  • Nutritionist-designed meal plans


  • Limited customization
  • Higher price point

4. Sunbasket

sunbasket Grilled chicken broccoli and cream sauce with diced pancetta

Sunbasket is a meal delivery service that offers both meal kits and ready-to-eat meals. They have a dedicated line of keto-friendly meals, which are crafted with organic and sustainable ingredients.

Menu Examples: Seared Steak with Blue Cheese Butter, Braised Lamb with Artichoke Hearts, and Spicy Harissa Shrimp with Cauliflower Couscous.


  • Organic and sustainable ingredients
  • Meal kit and pre-made meal options
  • Extensive menu variety


  • Limited keto-specific meal options
  • Requires some meal preparation

5. Territory

territory foods Tagine Chicken Salad with Peppercorn Dressing

Territory is a meal delivery service that focuses on local and sustainably-sourced ingredients. They offer keto-friendly meals, which are crafted in collaboration with local chefs, providing a unique and regional dining experience.

Menu Examples: Smoky BBQ Chicken with Roasted Vegetables, Chimichurri Steak with Garlic Mashed Cauliflower, and Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers.


  • Locally-sourced ingredients
  • Community-driven approach
  • Unique regional meals


  • Limited delivery coverage
  • May not cater to all dietary restrictions

6. Green Chef

green chef Pork Chops with Truffle Sauce

Green Chef is a meal delivery service that emphasizes organic, non-GMO ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. They offer a dedicated keto meal plan, providing meal kits that require some preparation but offer flexibility in meal choice.

Menu Examples: Apricot-Glazed Chicken with Asparagus, Chili Lime Pork with Bell Pepper, and Roasted Shrimp with Creamy Tomato Sauce.


  • Organic, non-GMO ingredients
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Meal kit flexibility


  • Requires meal preparation
  • Limited keto-specific meal options

7. The Good Kitchen

the good kitchen Paprika Pulled Pork with Garlic Roasted Tomato and Stewed Collards

The Good Kitchen is a meal delivery service that focuses on providing fully-prepared, healthy meals using grass-fed and responsibly-sourced ingredients. They offer a keto meal plan, ensuring that their meals adhere to the ketogenic principles.

Menu Examples: Braised Beef with Roasted Vegetables, Cilantro Lime Chicken with Broccoli, and Creamy Chicken with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts.


  • Responsibly-sourced ingredients
  • Fully-prepared meals
  • Flexible subscription options


  • Limited menu variety
  • No international delivery options

8. Ice Age Meals

ice age meals Ultimate Chicken Fried Rice

Ice Age Meals is a meal delivery service with a focus on paleo and keto-friendly meals. Their meals are prepared using high-quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients and are designed to be simple, delicious, and satisfying.

Menu Examples: Grass-Fed Beef Chili, Lemon Herb Chicken with Broccoli, and Pork Carnitas with Cauliflower Rice.


  • Paleo and keto-friendly meals
  • Responsibly-sourced ingredients
  • Simple and satisfying meal options


  • Limited customization options
  • No international delivery options

How Does the Keto Diet Work?

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb eating plan that aims to shift the body’s metabolism from burning carbohydrates for energy to burning fat [1].

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This metabolic state, called ketosis, is achieved by significantly reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing fat consumption.

The keto diet typically consists of approximately 70-80% fat, 20-25% protein, and 5-10% carbohydrates.

Is it Sustainable Long-Term?

While the keto diet can provide significant weight loss and health benefits, its long-term sustainability is a subject of debate. Some health professionals argue that the restrictive nature of the diet may be difficult to maintain and could lead to nutrient deficiencies.

However, others maintain that with proper planning and commitment, the keto diet can be a sustainable long-term lifestyle choice.

Tips for Deciding Which Keto Delivery Option Will Work Best for You

  1. Assess your budget: Determine how much you’re willing to spend on a meal delivery service and select a plan that fits within your budget.
  2. Determine your cooking preferences: If you enjoy cooking, consider meal kit options. If you prefer ready-to-eat meals, opt for a service that offers pre-made meals.
  3. Consider your dietary needs and preferences: Choose a service that caters to any additional dietary restrictions or preferences you may have.
  4. Evaluate delivery coverage and options: Select a service that delivers to your area and offers a delivery schedule that meets your needs.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Keto Delivery Service

When choosing a keto meal delivery service, it’s essential to consider various factors beyond meal variety, nutritional quality, customizability, price, and delivery options.

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Here are additional factors that can help you find the right service to meet your unique needs and preferences:

  1. Nutritional Information: Look for a meal delivery service that provides detailed nutritional information for each meal, including calorie count, macronutrient ratios, and micronutrient content. This information is crucial for individuals following a keto diet, as it allows them to track their daily macronutrient intake and ensure they are meeting their dietary goals.
  2. Dietary Restrictions and Allergies: Consider your specific dietary restrictions and allergies when selecting a meal delivery service. Some companies may offer meals that cater to additional dietary needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian options. Choose a service that can accommodate your unique dietary requirements, ensuring you can enjoy their meals without compromising your health.
  3. Meal Preparation Time and Effort: Different meal delivery services require varying levels of preparation time and effort. Some services offer fully prepared meals, while others provide meal kits that require cooking. Consider how much time and effort you are willing to invest in meal preparation when selecting a service.
  4. Taste and Variety: The taste and variety of meals offered by a keto meal delivery service are essential factors to consider. Choose a service that consistently receives positive customer reviews for taste and offers a diverse menu with various meal options. This will ensure you don’t grow tired of the meals and can maintain a keto lifestyle long-term.
  5. Company Reputation and Transparency: Research each company’s reputation and transparency. Look for services that are open about their sourcing practices, ingredient quality, and production processes. A company with a strong reputation and a commitment to transparency is more likely to provide high-quality, reliable service.
  6. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness: Consider the company’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. This may include sourcing organic ingredients, using eco-friendly packaging, or supporting local farmers and suppliers. Choosing a service that prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendliness aligns with responsible consumer choices and helps reduce the environmental impact of meal delivery services.
  7. Customer Support: Evaluate the quality of each company’s customer support, as this can impact your overall experience with the service. Choose a meal delivery service that offers responsive and helpful customer support, ensuring your questions and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.
  8. Trial Periods and Money-Back Guarantees: Some meal delivery services offer trial periods or money-back guarantees, allowing you to test their service without committing long-term. Look for companies with these options, as they can provide an opportunity to assess the quality, taste, and convenience of their meals before making a more significant investment.

Taking these additional factors into account will help you choose the ideal keto meal delivery service for your lifestyle, ensuring you can maintain a ketogenic diet without compromising taste, convenience, or your specific dietary needs.

Best All around: Why We Recommend CookUnity

CookUnity stands out as the best keto meal delivery service for several reasons, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to maintain a ketogenic lifestyle. Here are the key factors that set CookUnity apart from its competitors:

  1. High-Quality Ingredients: CookUnity prides itself on using high-quality, fresh ingredients in all their meals. The company carefully selects its ingredients from local farms and suppliers to ensure they meet their standards for quality and sustainability. This focus on quality results in more flavorful and nutritious meals, making CookUnity an excellent choice for those prioritizing their health and well-being.
  2. Chef-Crafted Meals: CookUnity’s meals are designed and prepared by professional chefs who have experience crafting meals that are both delicious and keto-friendly. This expertise ensures that each meal adheres to the ketogenic diet principles while maintaining exceptional taste and presentation. The collaboration between chefs and nutritionists means that the meals are not only tasty but also nutritionally balanced, meeting the dietary needs of those following a keto diet.
  3. Customizable Plans: CookUnity offers a variety of customizable meal plans, allowing customers to choose the number of meals they receive each week and select from a diverse menu. This flexibility makes it easy for individuals to tailor their meal plan according to their preferences, dietary needs, and lifestyle. With the option to change meal selections and adjust the number of meals each week, CookUnity caters to the dynamic needs of its customers.
  4. Subscription Flexibility: CookUnity offers a flexible subscription model that allows customers to pause, modify, or cancel their meal delivery service at any time. This flexibility is essential for individuals who may need to adjust their meal plans due to travel, changes in dietary needs, or other lifestyle factors. CookUnity’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their flexible subscription options, which accommodate various needs and preferences.
  5. Positive Customer Reviews: CookUnity consistently receives positive customer reviews, with many praising the quality, taste, and variety of their keto meals. These reviews provide valuable insight into the overall customer experience and satisfaction with the service. CookUnity’s high customer satisfaction ratings demonstrate that they deliver on their promise of providing high-quality, delicious, and keto-friendly meals.

CookUnity’s emphasis on high-quality ingredients, chef-crafted meals, customizable plans, and subscription flexibility sets them apart as the best keto meal delivery service.

The combination of exceptional taste, nutritional balance, and adaptability makes CookUnity an ideal choice for those looking to maintain a ketogenic lifestyle without compromising on flavor or convenience.


In conclusion, finding the best keto meal delivery service is essential for those looking to maintain a ketogenic lifestyle without the hassle of meal planning and preparation.

By evaluating factors such as meal variety, nutritional quality, customizability, price, and delivery options, you can find a service that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Our top recommendation is CookUnity, thanks to its high-quality ingredients, chef-crafted meals, and customizable plans. However, it’s essential to explore all available options and consider factors such as sustainability, customer support, and adaptability before making a final decision.

Learn more about CookUnity below:

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