Nutrisystem Before and After Success Stories + Pictures & Video

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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: May 13, 2021

After more than four decades in the business, Nutrisystem has proven itself to be one of the most successful diet programs in the world. There’s no better proof that Nutrisystem works than their millions of satisfied customers over the years, but sometimes it helps to actually see the results, and to make this happen we’ve tracked down some of the most inspiring before and after pictures, testimonials, and videos.

If you’ve been looking for proof that the Nutrisytem diet works, then this post is for you…

17 Nutrisystem Before and After Pictures

nutrisytsem before and after pictures

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Pretty impressive, right?

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Before and After Success Stories

While pictures can be a great visual, it can also be helpful to hear honest feedback from real customers. There are plenty of testimonials for you to read on the Nutrisytem website, but here are just a few of our favorites:

Effective program. Got results! I chose frozen items as well as shelf items. Learned a lot about adding interesting veggies to supplement. Flex meal requirements helped me ease into a lifestyle of healthier portions and food types. We BOTH missed the auto refill requirement in the plan we chose. We thought we purchased only one month. I was short one entree on first shipment. Called in for a replacement but never received it. Overall, we had a good experience with many helpful tips along the way.

Nutrisystem does work if you commit to it. The first week was tough, but there was a lot of support and suggestions through the NUMI app. I appreciated the recipes through Leaf.

Can’t believe how healthy all this delicious food it. Nutrisystem is a legit weight loss program, no doubt. The only hiccup I have had was not understanding the re-ordering. However, I called and talked to someone who helped me with it. They make it so easy.

Excellent experience and weight program. The food was proportionally less than I would normally eat…thank you! I enjoyed the food and snacks and lost 8 pounds without trying. I had an occasional spinach salad and “sorry,” two helpings of chocolate ice cream over a period of a month. However, I am very satisfied with your program.

They have more than 9,600 testimonials for you to browse at their website – see them all here.

Before and After Videos

If you prefer watching to reading, there also lots of before and after Nutrisystem videos you can watch – YouTube has a bunch of them! While I encourage you to check them all out, I found Jennifer’s story to be especially inspiring:


As you can see, there are plenty of pictures, videos, and testimonials proving how powerful the Nutrisytem diet can be for those who commit to the program. If these stories inspire you, then Nutrisystem may be just the diet you’ve been looking for.

Learn more and see more inspiration at their website: