Persona Nutrition vs Care/of: Which Personalized Vitamins are Best?

Persona Nutrition vs Care/of: Which Personalized Vitamins are Best?

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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: April 9, 2022

With the Standard American Diet (SAD) being soo poor, there has been a major increase in micronutrient inadequacies in the population [1]. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans do not get sufficient vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients through their daily diets. While this is extremely prevalent among the U.S population, it’s not limited to it. Over 1 billion people throughout the globe have a vitamin D deficiency [2].

Because of this, a lot of people are looking to live healthier. One of the best ways to improve your nutrient deficiencies is through supplementation. While correcting one’s diet is the best course of action, a lot of things require supplementation due to the lifestyle we live. After all, getting a sufficient intake of vitamin D isn’t practical for most with us spending more and more time indoors and using sunscreen for skin protection.

If you are looking to improve your nutritional deficiencies through supplementation, you will get a lot from getting a personalized selection. Luckily, there are personalized services that will deliver doctor-approved vitamins and supplements to your door.

Two of the best companies leading the health charge on this front are Care/of and Persona Nutrition. By the end of this comparison, you should find it easy to choose the right one for your needs.

Features Comparison: What Persona and Care/of Offer

1. Persona Nutrition Key Highlights and Benefits

our overview of persona vitamins

  • Personal Assessment

One of the great things about Persona is how personal they make it. They have you (the customer) take a personal assessment quiz that only takes about five minutes. It’s important to get a personal assessment done when you are looking to take vitamins and other supplements because not everyone has the same needs.

With the assessment, Persona will ask you questions about your health goals, your diet, any allergies you have, and even what medication you are currently taking. All of this is important to find optimal supplements to include to round out your diet.

  • Science-Based Recommendations

Persona then runs your profile through their doctor-designed algorithm. Through the algorithmic analysis, you are presented with a personalized supplement plan that is designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. This plan is tailored to your individual needs.

Therefore, you won’t be taking supplements that you don’t need nor supplements that would interfere with your medication. The supplements recommended are all backed by science.

  • Customizable

You aren’t limited to the supplements chosen for you nor do you need to include all of the recommendations. If you want to limit your supplement intake to a select few or you want to add some, you can always do that.

  • Easy Subscription Service

One of the keys to ensuring that you are taking your supplements regularly is by making it a habit. Have you ever purchased supplements only to find expired supplements in your cabinets? It’s easy to forget to take supplements.

Having a subscription service ensures that you not only remember to take them but that you make it a habit and you eliminate the chances of having you forget to purchase refills when you need to. This puts your supplementation on auto-pilot which is what a lot of people need to guarantee they don’t get lazy with taking them.

  • Professional Nutritionists To Speak With

With Persona, you will have the chance to speak with qualified nutritionists whenever you need to. You can ask questions about specific supplements or even get personal recommendations from them about your supplement plan. No matter when you need to reach out, you can do so free of charge. This will help you get the peace of mind you might need to incorporate supplements in your diet. After all, you don’t want to start a new supplement plan without speaking with professionals.

2. Care/Of Key Highlights and Benefits

our overview of care/of vitamins delivery service

  • Quiz

With Care/Of you are expected to take a short 5-minute quiz. With the quiz, you will be presented with questions about your goals and current diet and fitness routine. From there, you will be given a range of recommendations.

  • Algorithm Recommendations

Care/Of has an algorithm that is used to give science-based recommendations. The algorithm factors in your goals and current lifestyle and spits out recommendations that factor in clinical research. Therefore, everything that is included in the recommendations is science-based.

This means you can trust that you aren’t being thrown a bunch of recommendations that are based on theory.

Also, the algorithm factors in your allergies and the current medications you are taking to ensure you aren’t getting recommendations that would be bad for you.

  • Full Transparency

One of the things Care/Of stresses is being fully transparent with its customers. You will get full transparency from where the vitamins and herbs are being sourced from and with what’s in the product itself. This is something that you generally don’t get with supplement brands.

After all, the industry isn’t regulated by the Federal Drug Administration. Because of this, a lot of supplement companies look to hide their proprietary formulas. With Care/Of, you are getting supplements that give you complete transparency.

With each, you will know what you are taking and where the raw materials are being sourced from. Having all of this information on the supplements you are putting in your body is a major benefit in itself.

  • Scientific Advisory Board

Care/Of has an entire scientific advisory board that dictates what products are available to customers. These advisors are worked with to develop products, improve their recommendation logic, and more.

Personalization Comparison

Persona Personalization

As mentioned, Persona uses a personal-quiz to generate its recommendations. However, Personas questions go into a lot more detail to give you even better personalization.

The quiz is much more complex and it goes through things that Care/Of doesn’t. For instance, it’ll ask you about what diet you are following (if any) and about specific health problems you might be dealing with.

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It pushes your quiz results through its proprietary algorithm. This ensures that you are given a list of different supplements that are beneficial for your needs and lifestyle.

They say all of this is backed by science.


With Care/Of, they use a similar process. They have you take a quiz where they ask you a bunch of questions about yourself, your lifestyle, and your diet. However, the process is less detailed and complex. They ask about any health problems you may have. From there, they push your results through their algorithm which gives you results that are backed by science.

Price Comparison: Is Persona or Care/of Cheaper?

Persona Nutrition Price

Persona has more formulas with multiple vitamins which are packaged together. For instance, their Hair Skin and Nails formula contains Biotin, Zinc, and a proprietary blend and it costs $9.74.

*Prices current at the time of this writing – see current Persona prices at their website.

Care/of Price

Each vitamin is priced individually. Most will be $5 to $8.


Both of these vitamin services are extremely good. They each take a good approach towards helping one achieve their wellness goals and objectives. With so many people nutrient deficient, it’s important to take the right supplements to give yourself what you need to optimize your diet. No matter how optimal you think your diet may be, there are likely major nutrient deficiencies in it. Because of this, everyone should be considering adding some vitamins and supplements to their diets. While both of these subscription plans are convenient and accessible, there are differences to consider.

Consider Persona if…

  • You want the most personalization when taking vitamins and other supplements. The quiz is much more thorough and in-depth. As a result, you will be getting better personalization.
  • You don’t mind spending more on blends that may contain vitamins or minerals that you don’t necessarily need.
  • You want to take fewer pills. Because Persona combines a lot of the vitamins and minerals into their proprietary blends, it could be a good option for those that don’t want to take vitamins and minerals individually. Otherwise, you may find yourself popping 5 to 10 individual pills per day.

Consider Care/of if…

  • You value transparency above all else. Care/Of excels in the level of transparency they offer. One of the problems with a lot of supplement companies is the lack of transparency it offers. After all, you should know exactly what you are taking, where it comes from, and how much is in it. With Care/Of, you don’t have to worry about proprietary blends that don’t give you that information. You are getting full transparency with everything.
  • You don’t mind paying for each vitamin individually. This could end up being more expensive or less expensive depending on what you are advised to take.
  • You want the best-looking package and the most accessible. Care/Of has the best branding by far. They offer individual packages that will allow you to easily get the supplements you need daily. The box looks great and it’s more likely something you’ll sit out on your countertop ready to take each morning.
  • You want to be able to add herbs and other supplements easily to your subscription service. Care/Of makes it effortless to customize your subscription.