Quinoa Revolution Book Review

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quinoa revolution cookbook
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Transform your traditional eating habits with over 150 new, easy-to-make quinoa recipes, all can be made gluten-free, all under 500 calories per serving!

Bestselling authors Patricia Green and Carolyn Hemming are back with a brand new book that addresses numerous health and lifestyle concerns such as weight loss, vegetarian diets, food allergies, gluten intolerance, disease prevention, athletic training, diabetes, and heart conditions.

In addition to being one of the world’s healthiest foods, quinoa has a long list of amazing properties that makes it so versatile in any number of recipes. Quinoa Revolution shows that quinoa is not only used to boost nutrition, but it can also enhance taste or texture, thicken, hold moisture, increase protein, and more!

Learn tips and tricks for the preparation of quinoa, solutions for cooking it in a variety of liquids, instructions for
grinding your own flour, and guidelines on how to use sprouted quinoa. From light snacks to full meals and even dessert, discover how this nutrient-superior superfood can play a role.

Also available in Dutch! (the book has a slightly different title) Quinoa Revolutie!

Information on the science behind quinoa that can enhance weight loss, increase athletic performance – and how to make quinoa work for you!

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