What Medication Does Found Weight Loss Use?

What Medication Does Found Weight Loss Use?

Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: April 18, 2022

What does it take to lose ten pounds in a healthy manner? What about twenty pounds or thirty pounds? A lot of people focus on the two key elements, which are diet and exercise. These two factors do predominantly control weight fluctuations but other factors make a difference in a more indirect fashion.

If weight loss was as simple as “eat less and move more”, then there would be one simple solution that everyone could use to reach their target weight.

But we know that this is simply not the case. Many people struggle to find a weight loss solution that works for them even if it has worked for hundreds of other people in the past.

The problem is that most weight loss programs only focus on the food and exercise elements. Found is a new alternative that creates a unique program based on you as a “whole”.

The program begins with a comprehensive study and then branches out to influence important health factors, including nutrition, medication, movement, social support, sleep habits, and emotional health.

With a program like Found, you are far more likely to see results than with your average online diet program. You’ll get to work with real medical professionals along a unique weight loss journey that is all about you.

The Medications Found Uses and How They Help with Weight Loss

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Medication is one of the fundamental elements that make Found such a successful weight loss program. Their program is about more than just medicine, yet medicine is an important part of the process. When combined with mindful eating, stress management, and proper exercise, the prescribed medications can help fat melt away at a healthy pace. The three primary medications that Found prescribes to patients are Orlistat, Contrave, and Qsymia.

1. Orlistat

Orlistat is a potent fat-burning medicine that is only available with a prescription. Doctors often prescribe Orlistat to overweight patients who meet the criteria. It is also used by patients who suffer from medical conditions that are closely tied to their weight, such as heart disease or diabetes. Much weaker doses of Orlistat can be found in some over-the-counter weight loss medications like Alli and brand-name prescriptions like Xenical.

This is not a new medication that may or may not work. Name brand Orlistat was first approved by the FDA in 1999. It was known to help prevent fat accumulation. When combined with a low-calorie diet and exercise it could be used to assist in weight loss and prevent new weight gain.

Orlistat is not an appetite suppressor. Instead, it is a lipase inhibitor. It works inside the body by blocking enzymes responsible for digesting fat. A person who is taking Orlistat will not digest all of the fat that they eat. The undigested fat is passed through the body and won’t add to your weight.

A molecule of dietary fat is too large to be absorbed by the body. Thus, the body produces enzymes to break down the molecules into something smaller. The enzymes responsible for this work are known as lipases. The role of Orlistat is to prevent these lipases from breaking down the fats so that they pass through undigested. Orlistat is capable of preventing the absorption of roughly 30 percent of the fat a person consumes.

As effective as this medication is, it’s not going to burn your fat away without some help. That’s why the full Found program is so much more effective than taking the medication by itself. The Orlistat will help prevent the buildup of new fat, which makes it easier to focus on burning old fat and keeping it off.

Some people who take Orlistat without the full program think of it as a crutch or an excuse. If the medicine is keeping 30 percent of the fat away, then they can eat more and not gain as much weight. This is a counterproductive strategy that only slows down the weight gain and doesn’t assist at all with losing weight or living a healthy life.

As with any medication, there are some important effects to keep in mind. Orlistat can also block the body’s ability to digest certain fat-soluble vitamins. Most people who take this medication also receive vitamin supplements to help counteract this effect. These are details that will be covered by the medical professional when starting the prescription.

2. Contrave

The second medication they prescribe, Contrave, is actually a combination of two separation medications. These two medications create a powerful team that helps control cravings and lower appetite. Again, this does not directly burn fat on the body but instead reduces the likelihood of weight gain. This medication needs to be used alongside a proper diet and lifestyle habits to see positive results.

The two drugs working in Contrave are Wellbutrin and naltrexone. Naltrexone is a drug often prescribed to addicts. It helps fight cravings for certain substances like opioids as well as food. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant with the primary goal of controlling appetite.

Patients who have been prescribed Wellbutrin as an antidepressant often begin losing weight shortly after they begin the medications. However, that weight often returns due to various lifestyle factors. Food cravings are one of those factors. That’s why Wellbutrin is far more effective for weight loss when combined with a second drug like naltrexone.

Contrave is a unique weight loss pill because it does not work inside the stomach. It isn’t preventing the body from absorbing fat or helping it burn fat faster. Contrave works in the brain in the region of the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is responsible for regulating body temperature, appetite, and metabolism.

This is a relatively new prescription compared to Orlistat. Contrave didn’t receive FDA regulation until 2014. Prior to that, the drug was used in multiple clinical trials to test its efficacy and safety. These trials [1] showed that participants who took Contrave lost up to 10 percent more bodyweight when compared to the placebo group. Since then, Contrave has become an extremely popular weight loss drug for overweight or obese patients.

This medication may contain drugs that are used to treat depression as well as addictions, but that is not what Contrave should be used for. The combination drug is not approved for the treatment of either condition. Patients who seek those effects should speak with their doctor about using Wellbutrin or naltrexone independently.

3. Qsymia

The final drug that may be prescribed by Found is Qsymia and it is another combination drug. This time, phentermine and topiramate are combined to create a unique effect. This medication helps to control appetite, increase energy, and manage cravings. It is more comparable to Contrave than to Orlistat but it achieves its goal in a different way.

The first primary drug in Qsymia is phentermine. The drug was first approved by the FDA in 1959 and quickly became one of the most popular weight-loss drugs on the market. It wasn’t until 1990 that it was combined with topiramate to create Qsymia.

Phentermine is classified as an anorectic, which means that it works as an appetite suppressant. It accomplishes this by stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain. This creates a type of “fight or flight” response in the brain that is very useful for controlling appetite.

Phentermine can stimulate the production of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These chemicals cause the patient to feel full and thus eat less often. Over time, this can lead to noticeable weight loss if it is combined with other healthy life choices.

Thanks to phentermine, Qsymia can also help patients lower their blood sugar [2]. The combination of reduced blood sugar levels and weight loss makes this a popular prescription drug for overweight or obese patients with diabetes.

The second drug in Qsymia is topiramate. By itself, topiramate is most often used to treat severe migraines and certain types of seizures. It is classifed as an anticonvulsant. Its primary function is to decrease the abnormal activity occurring in the brain. The topiramate used in Qsymia is an extended-release variation that works for longer time periods.

The primary weight loss benefit of topiramate is appetite suppression and satiation. It works very well when combined with phentermine. Qsymia uses two powerful drugs that help reduce appetite and maintain a feeling of fullness. Patients who take this medication are more likely to stick with their diet and less likely to take a cheat day.

As with both other medications, Qsymia can not do the work alone. It’s important that the patient maintains a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and an adequate sleep schedule. Even then, it may take up to four months for Qsymia to make a noticeable effect.

Qsymia is considered a stimulant, which means that there is a risk for abuse. Patients who have experienced stimulant addictions in the past should consider one of the alternative medications available on Found.

Do You Need A Prescription To Join Found?

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Found offers customers three different “paths” to choose from. The Found Rx path is the primary option that may include the prescription medications mentioned above. It also includes direct access to a Found medical professional, online coaching, and access to the Found community.

There is an alternative non-prescription path that does not include the above medications. This path focuses purely on the holistic approach, including dieting, exercise, emotional health, mental health, and sleeping habits. It also includes online coaching and community access, but it does not include access to the Found medical professional. This is an excellent option for people who want to try the program without the need for a prescription.

The final option is the wellness path. This path is used as a transition path for people who finished the Found Rx or non-prescription path. It is very similar to the non-prescription path and includes access to the same features.

How They Make The Prescription Process Easy

Found works with real-life licensed medical professionals to make the prescription process as easy as possible. Most new patients will receive a virtual consultation with a physician within 72 hours of creating their account. The doctor will ask a variety of questions to assess the patient’s needs and prescribe a medication if safe and beneficial.

Found is also partnered with the online pharmacy Truepill. This allows them to include the cost of medication and shipping in the membership costs. However, if you prefer to use your local pharmacy, you can contact customer service for instructions.


Found is a revolutionary weight loss program that combines modern medication with a unique holistic roadmap. No two members are ever treated the same. You can choose to take the Found Rx path that may include prescriptions for popular weight loss medications like Qsymia, Orlistat, or Contrave. These medications combine with healthy lifestyle changes to help customers lose weight and keep the weight off.


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